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Pablo is an experienced investor and entrepreneur in the digital money space. Pablo began his career creating both large-scale farming and retail operations for MMORPG games, selling Gold and Power Leveling Services to major sites as a white label provider. Pablo was the first operator providing OTC services to major Second Life clients who needed large amounts of Linden Dollars (in-game currency) as well as a public facing retail operation in the same game. Pablo co-founded several virtual money and gaming related trading and retail sites until he found Bitcoin in 2011. He has written 3 books on the subject of cryptocurrency and co-founded three startups in the space. Pablo currently leads the NodeSoda validator services team.

Pablo on Crypto Investing:

Pablo’s investing philosophy (expounded in his books), leads him to make very large but extremely infrequent bets (sometimes going two or more years without making any investments) on recently released crypto assets. Pablo sometimes follows pre-release tokens for many years, waiting for token generation and the right opportunity to invest. Pablo has been an large and early holder of:

The Magic Lock Box of Value

Written by Pablo Lema

20 Followers · Writer for DataDrivenInvestor
There is a magical lock box of intrinsic value, and it accrues credit every time a crypto ecosystem grows or gets used. This magical lock box has nothing to do with any assets “price”, as matter of fact, the value of the contents of the lock box, and what the lock box can be sold for, are often dizzyingly different numbers, this is the type of value opportunity we seek to take advantage of as investors.

Blockfi and Human Stupidity Today, I would like to discuss how the heights of greed degenerate into human stupidity and why “enough” is never really “enough”. But first, I would like to share that I learned a new word, and this word is central to understanding both the fine line between greed and stupidity, and […]

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Pablo's startup "NodeSoda"

Pablo’s new project, NodeSoda is a team of professional validators, providing services to nascent networks, in some cases years in advance and without promise of return, with the goal of receiving tokens at a future Token Generation Event (TGE).
















5 Star Praise for our “Crypto Success” Series

This is a GREAT book for anyone beginning in the crypto world

I would give this book 10 stars if it was an option. This is a GREAT book for anyone beginning in the crypto world. This is the 6th or 7th “beginner” crypto book I have read and this book covers certain aspects of the crypto world a beginner needs to know that I haven’t seen other books cover. Really, you need to buy this book before you invest any significant money in any altcoins. Pablo does a great job presenting the needed information in a clear and straight-forward manner with good info-graphics and is very insightful. I felt like as a reader the author truly cared about my success investing in cryptos and was thoughtful in the information presented. Great book! Thanks Pablo! Hope to see another book from you! I’ll buy it!

Amazon Customer

I read it all the same day I received it

I read it all the same day I received it. I found it valuable for anyone entering the world of investing in cryptocurrencies. Straight forward and solid advise. I sent the author an email with an inquiry and he responded the same day. Cookie points. A must read for any novice newcomer.

Julio G.

Great Intro to Crypto Coin Investing

Packed with suggestions and insight into the Crypto Currency markets. This book is an easy read and offers suggestions for where to get more current information as well as what to consider when investing in a new currency.

J. C. Anderson

Recommended Reading

Books are essential for understanding and a fulfilling life. Learn about crypto, money, and the basic tools of a Testnet operator. Finally, take a dive with those who don’t believe in crypto, understand the skeptics point of view. Understanding the “other side” will make you a better crypto operator.

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